CAT English Vocab Secret: It is Easy to Learn Wordlists, But Extremely Difficult to Remember After a Few Days or Weeks

OLD Methods               vs.            New Mind Machine Vocab Method       

Hard to Memorize Step1: Enter the Learning State + Active Learning Step2: Enter the Learning State
+ Passive Learning

Introducing ... A New Mind Machine for You to Easily Revise 5,871 Words in 30 Hours and Memorize 3 to 7 Times Faster With Effortless Concentration for Your High Percentile in CAT for Admission to IIM of Your Dream

Almost Automatically, Without Reading Wordlists
while other students procrastinate (postpone) their vocab prep or continue to struggle in frustration with old methods of wordlists and flashcards

rajcol.gifFrom: Raj Bapna
BE (BITS ilani), MTech (IIT Kharagpur)
Udaipur, 10:23 PM

If you are dreaming of high score in the CAT exam and doing MBA from IIMs, this is the most important message you'll ever read. I say that because you'll discover how to get ahead of others in the race to crack CAT.

Just reading this letter will help you because you'll get valuable information (such as the 5 Dangerous Trends in CAT Exam) and feel empowered and motivated to really go for your dream goal of IIM MBA whole-heartedly.




Let me first show you my GRE exam results, so you know that I was weak in English so that you gain confidence that it is okay even if you are weak in some subject, you too can get big success in life.

For My Own GRE Exam, I Worked Hard and Made Sacrifices, But Getting 20% in Verbal Was a Shock to Me

I was sincere and hard working and desperately wanted to go to USA for higher education, which was my biggest lifetime dream goal.

Being a board topper and topper in Pilani, I was confident of my ability to mug up and cram (memorize by the force repetition). So, I started mugging / cramming an hour a day more than one year before the GRE exam date.

All in all, the study hours were too long and tiring. But, looking forward to my dreams, I had no complaints with excessive work and lack of sleep.

Though nobody from my family asked me to work so hard, I felt enormous pressure from all to prove myself. I did not want to face the humiliation of failure.

To achieve my dream of success, I made sacrifices. For example, during the year of my GRE preparation, I watched only 2 movies in the whole year: Sharabi (Hindi) and Blue Lagoon (English).

Despite all my sacrifices and hard work for over a year, I got only 20% in Verbal, though I got 97% in Quantitative in GRE exam. The Verbal score was a shock for me, giving me feeling of frustration and even humiliation at my life's only failure to get high marks.

My wife, Dr Anju Bapna, who is a medical doctor, took GMAT exam in 2001 in USA for admission to MBA. To get a good score, she took classroom coaching in California from Kaplan, which is world's number one coaching institute for GMAT test preparation. The fee was about $1,200 for 11 classes. The Kaplan coaching proved ineffective and totally failed to help her improve vocab. She was lucky to get admission to MBA at DeVry University in California.

In fact, my own failure in GRE Verbal combined with this coaching experience of my wife in USA motivated us to develop the Vocab-Builder Mind Machine on our return to India so that other students don't have to suffer what we had to go through.


"Highly Recommended by Head,
Dept of Psychology of MLS University
(Govt of India) After 7 Years of Research by 5 Ph D Scholars and 120 Students"

"Since 1998, five Ph D scholars at a university have used and researched, and only then, 7 years later in 2006, the Head of the Department of Psychology highly recommended our mind machines"

Here are the original 2-page letter:

univ_1.gif univ_2.gif

Certificate from Head, Dept of Psychology
(click on a certificate for large readable image)

Only after the mind machine was proven effective and safe in 7 year research, here is what the Head of the Department of Psychology says in the letter above:

"This is to certify that we have been using Raj Bapna's mind machines and Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music since 1998 for experiment and research in our department.

I first started with guiding my research student Ms Poonam Dhaka to study the effects of these mind machines and mind power music involving 120 students and this research led to award of PhD in the year 2000 and the thesis is titled: An Experimental Study of Mind Power Techniques among Teenagers in Relation to Certain Psychological Variables....

...Based on our use, research and experience with these mind machines and mind power music, we highly recommend use of Raj Bapna's mind machines and Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music for anyone including schools, colleges, coaching classes, libraries, teachers, and individual students and executives."

-Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chouhan, MA, PhD,
Head, Dept of Psychology,
Mohanlal Sukhadia University,
dated 13-Feb-2006

Let me also show you results of

"Computerized EEG Studies"

Full print out of EEG readings

For clarity, here is part of the EEG reading in larger size

Here are some computer images from an EEG study conducted by Dr Vinita Goyal, MBBS, MD, on 23-Dec-2003 in Udaipur at Goyal Hospital with the RMS EEG computerized equipment using the mind machine on Raj Bapna himself. 

  Note that the brainwave pattern in the above picture is more in balance between left and right side of the brain, indicating more brain power available (called hemispheric synchronization and originally achieved only by experienced meditators in meditation, but now made quick and easy with use of mind machines)

My goal here is to show you some of our R&D effort and that we work very hard in our research and development effort, which is the real secret behind the best-selling success of our mind machines even though we refuse to hire professional advertising agencies to develop flashy, multi-color ads, and prefer to write detailed articles to educate our customers.

Newspaper Article ...

Ahmedabad Mirror (of Times Group) Tells How Students are Using Mind Machines for Better Exam Results


Mind Machines are becoming more and more popular
among students for better studies & exam results

Now, let me inform you regarding and caution you against these

5 Dangerous Trends for CAT Exam
That Routinely Cause Failure for Thousands of Students

... And What You Can Do About It to Avoid the Pitfalls and Achieve Your Dream Goal of MBA from an IIM

(This extremely important and valuable information is
not available anywhere else, but you read it free below)

In my research to help students, one of the key questions I ask is: "What are the key problems or dangers that can cause failure for students?

Let me tell you of the 5 Dangerous Trends that our intense research has recently identified and how they cause failure for thousands of students and what you can do about it.

Let me explain in detail so you fully understand the danger these 5 Dangerous Trends pose to your success and know some solutions to keep you safe:

Dangerous Trend #1:
Everyone Joins Coaching But Only A Few Get Success

"Good Coaching Alone Does Not Guarantee Success Nowadays Because Almost Everybody Joins Coaching"

Over the last 20 years, the number of students joining coaching has increased 60 times, but seats have only doubled.

What does that mean for you?

It means that the competition now is 30 times more
intense and difficult than it was two decades ago.


Almost Everybody Joins Coaching
But, only a few get success

And, yet most coaching institutes let the students and parents believe that "joining coaching almost guarantees success", while the TRUTH is that ONLY 1 to 2 percent of students taking coaching get success in CAT

The CAT exam is so tough, that most parents and most students don't fully realize the magnitude of it. Even some teachers underestimate the level of intensity that the competition now has.

To gain "competitive advantage" and to get ahead of others and win the race, you need to find various ways, both small and big, if possible unique and not-yet-common ways.

The mind machine provides one way to gain such "competitive advantage" specially because still relatively few students know about it.

Dangerous Trend #2:
The Hidden Curse of Study Material Overload

The direct "side-effect" of intense universal coaching is that students have too much study material including text books, coaching study material, one more coaching classes study material and some reference books.

Decades before, when I was preparing for IIT-JEE, it was hard to get good study material.

But now, everybody has got "too much" of decent to good study material.

Unfortunately, students don't have enough time to study, learn, remember, and master all the good coaching material they have.

Dangerous Trend #3:
Mild to Severe Irregular Bio-Rhythms

Perhaps you know that our body has its own clock--the clock that tells us when to sleep and when to get up--and when to eat and when take a nap.

But, extremely tough competition in competitions and easy availability of too much study material leads to the problem that students eat at irregular times and sleep at irregular hours.

Sleep problems are becoming common because many students don't get proper sleep.

Sleep deprivation (less sleep) can cause several problems such as: constant tiredness, lack of confidence, irritability, unnecessary anxiety or stress.

If you feel you are suffering from such problems, please consult a doctor.

Dangerous Trend #4:
Strange Emergence of One Crucial Subject

Strange as it may seem, English has emerged as the most crucial subject in CAT (because a lot of candidates are engineers who score very well in Maths, but tend to be weak in English.

English is Most Crucial for Your Success in CAT

According to Times of India, the highest percent in each subject in the recent CAT results are:

  • Quantitative Ability = 100 percent
  • Logic and Data Interpretation = 86 percent
  • English Usage and Comprehension = 60 percent

The main reason for low score in English Usage and Comprehension is not knowing the vocab well which makes it much harder to answer questions correctly. Most of us in India are not so good in English vocab even if we have studied in English schools.

Most students don't realize this. Hardly any coaching institute emphasizes this.

So, not all students take benefit of this trend.

But, you should. For example, if someone is currently at level of 93% in Maths and 43% in English, what do you advise him to get maximum increase in percentile for his hard work. The obvious answer is English because there is much bigger scope for increase in marks in English.

Now, imagine if you can focus on English and do much better than others, how easy it would be to get a higher percentile.

 Most Dangerous Trend #5:
Ambitious Dreams of Students and Parents, and Intense Competition Cause Psychological Diseases Such As "Depression" for Many Students (and they are not even aware of it)

I call this the MOST DANGEROUS TREND because it can immobilize students. It can leave students without energy or motivation to study / learn or to get success. It can lead to many problems.

Here is a recent newspaper article (The Telegraph Calcutta date: 20 July 2008) about how an IIT aspirant ran away from coaching class because of such stress (the coaching class teachers, it seems, had told him that he would never make it to IITs). Do you think there are similar cases for CAT too?

Fortunately, not all students suffer from this.

But, if you think you suffer from such problems, please consult your doctor.

What Can You Do
for Your Own Success in CAT
to Join IIM or Other Top MBA Colleges?

Now, here is what have to do about these 5 Dangerous Trends, so that you can get ahead of others and IIM of your dreams and make your parents and teachers proud:

  • You must avoid the possible problems as obvious from the above discussions
  • You must study hard AND study smart (How do you study smart? Hint: use tools, tricks, techniques, etc.)
  • I recommend you to use our powerful  Super IQ 7 Vocab Builder package which helps you in memorizing vocab and with ALEM package you can learn all subjects faster and get max success in exams for your hard work.

By Knowing the 5 Dangerous Trends,
You Are Better Prepared for CAT Success

Now that you know the 5 Dangerous Trends, you are better prepared for success in CAT and any other exams and competitions. Just knowing these 5 Dangerous Trends puts you at least a little bit ahead of others. Congratulations !

"The First and Most Exciting Development
in Mind Machines to Help You
(1) to Enter the Learning State
(2) Awaken a Little of the Genius Inside You"

 "I have 3 American mind machines, costing over $900 (or Rs 45,000) and over 100 success and mind power related cassettes and CDs costing over $2,000 (about Rs 1 lac) and several video cassettes costing over $2,000 from the most famous creators in USA. I have used all these.

"But imagine my surprise when I used the Super IQ 7, I was totally blown away. All the other products I had used did not prepare me for the amazing relaxation that I got from 'entering the learning state'. You have to use it to believe it because words simply cannot communicate to you the power and excitement of the Super IQ 7."

 Only now in 2008, which is 16 years after we created the remarkable Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music, and 15 years after we created Super IQ Mind Machine, we now have totally new scientific breakthrough for you: Super IQ 7.

I am really proud and excited to show you Super IQ 7:



Mind Machine and its Use


As you'll discover when you use Super IQ 7, it has been worth the effort because it helps you to

 "Enter the Learning State. Easily. Quickly.
Without the need to learn and practice any methods"

 Are you wondering what is the meaning of "Enter the Learning State"? Let me show you:

"What a Reputed Magazine is Saying ..."

"In one program to ENTER THE LEARNING STATE, you hear two different magical stories ... they relax you, change your brain waves toward the desired alpha or theta."

-- Business & Management Chronicle
Indian's only magazine for B-School Aspirants 

"And, more Important, Here is
What Users are Saying ..."

 Before I tell you more about it, let me show you what the users are saying about this powerful mind technology and concept.

"The [program] 'Enter the active learning state' is really powerful. It relaxes me so much like I have never relaxed in the last few years. The alpha, theta, delta cassettes are also good.  I can feel the change in the state of the mind. I have also noticed improvements in learning. My brother-in-law also liked the whole thing and he is planning to order."

-- Vivitsu Vashishth, Greater Noida (UP)

"I have used it [the Mind Machine for Vocab] for 21 days and I am completely satisfied... my sleep cycle has changed, my concentration has improved a lot, my behavior has changed, and most of all I feel very relaxed when I use the machine... Thank you Baiah [brother]."

-- Sandeep Kishore, Chittoor (AP)  

"I am using your mind machine ... is very helpful in learning words and ... permanently retain in memory."

-- Bhupinder Singh Chahal, Rohtak (Haryana) 

"Enter the Learning State is effective and relaxes me completely."

-- Kaushank Khandawala, Mumbai (MS) 

jj.jpg"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for .. the mind machine. I am using your mind machine for the last one month. I have got enormous benefits. My learning spirit and state have changed. Last Saturday while I listened to your cassette #1 and slept, I felt as if I am flying in the sky. 3 or 4 times I felt as if I am flying like a bird. During this experience I was happy and cheerful.... Then, I was feeling as if I became free from all bondage ... all limitations were dropped."

--J. L. Jain, Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax,
Author of the book How to Get Super Success,
Hypnotist and Psychologist

Prof Davda"How nice it is when my body sleeps and relaxes when my mind studies! Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions and Brain Wave Tonal Matrix based vocab system is the first in the whole world ... My heart [felt] thanks Bapna ji for your crown creation."

-- Prof Ashok Davda, Hypnotherapist, Thane (MS)

"I have started using the Mind Machine for Vocab system and am nitially pleased with the results. Enter the Learning State is effective and relaxes me completely."

-- Kaushank Khandwala, Mumbai (MS)

"Awaken a Little of the Genius Inside You"

Think of it like this: When you are in a "learning state", a little of the genius inside you awakens.

Are you wondering what is the meaning of "wake up a little of the genius inside you"?

It does not mean turning everyone into an Einstein.

What it means is that you perform at the best of your hidden ability and hidden talents of such high caliber that even you are surprised and delighted with the results and you were yourself not aware of such a possibility. 

Consider this: Yogis and scientist agree on one thing:

"that most people use only 10% 
of their brain power and the 
other 90% remains hidden and unused"

 "Genius" is when some of that hidden and unused brain becomes awakened. For example, one famous meditation guru Osho was known to read up to 10 books a day (whereas most normal people like you and me take a day to a week to read a single book). Another famous incident is from the life of Swami Vivekananda. Once noticing Vivekananda turn pages of a big volume of Britannia Encyclopaedia, someone asked "why do you just turn pages?" Vivekananda said, "I am not just turning pages. I am reading fully and remember fully. You can ask me anything from these pages."

 But, wait! That's perhaps not your goal. And, that's not my goal for you.

 My goal for you simply is to help you to

Enter the Learning State in just 7 minutes 
and to wake up a little bit of 'genius inside you'

 So, you too can, like thousands of my students, get success in achieving your goals of getting high rank in competitions for your bright future and your glorious career.

 For example, one of my students Rajiv Chaudhary set a memory record in Limca Book of Records. And, like many many of my students, you too can succeed in achieving your goal of high rank in various competitions for your glorious career and your bright future. And, that will make you, your parents, and your family very happy and proud.

 Before I tell you any more, I want you to hear

"What Osho, the greatest 
meditation master had to say ..."

 "But these high-tech mechanisms can be of tremendous use in the right hands. They can help create the kinds of waves in your mind so that you start feeling relaxed, as if half asleep ... thoughts are disappearing and a moment comes that everything becomes silent in you. That is the moment when the waves are those of deep sleep. You will not be aware of this deep sleep, but after 10 minutes, when you are unplugged from the machine, you will see the effects: you are calm, quiet, peaceful, no worry, no tension; life seems to be more playful and joyous. One feels as if one has had an inner bath. Your whole being is calm and cool."

"And here is what Michael Hutchison, 
the famous author of the famous books 
Mega Brain and Mega Brain Power says"

 "You sit down in a comfortable chair, put on the electrical headgear [headphones, etc.], flip a switch on the small control by your hand, close your eyes, and sink into a state of deep relaxation. Thirty minutes later as you turn off the machine and remove the headgear, you feel extremely alert and lucid. Your brain is now functioning far more effectively than it was before. Your memory-your ability both to memorize new information and to recall information you have already learned-has increased dramatically. Your ability to think creatively, to solve problems, has expanded. The speed with which your brain cells pass messages among themselves has increased. In fact, many of your brain cells have actually grown-a microscopic examination would show that the brain cells have developed more dendrites, the branching filaments that carry messages from one cell to another, and more synapses, the junctures between brain cells across which impulses are transmitted. You are more intelligent than you were a half hour before."

 And, now I want to show you 

"What really is this learning state?"

Can you recall a time or event in your life when "learning" something came very easily to you? It could be to learn something in a book, to ride a bike, to play a game. Anything. Can you recall a few more such times? Do you remember that, at such times, 

You know with certainty "you can do it"
and "time passes quickly" 
and "there is no stress"

That is being in a learning state. And, being in such a wonderful state tends to wake up a little bit of genius inside you.

 OK, can you recall a time when learning anything was hard, boring, particularly difficult and stressful and the time appeared to move very slowly?

 That state is the "OPPOSITE" of the learning state.

 Do you know how to get into such learning state every time you sit down to study, so you can focus and concentrate effortlessly for greater success? And, learn in a more relaxed way, learn faster, remember better, without feeling sleepy, tired or bored? And feel energized by a feeling of  certainty of success in achieving your most important goals in life?

Naturally, in the learning state, it is easier to manage your time and also easier not to feel lazy but feel confident and highly motivated to study and work smart for your success.

 Now, the Super IQ 7 provides you an easy and effective way to enter the learning state.

 Are you asking yourself, "How do I enter the learning state with the Super IQ 7?"

 It is easy. It is simple. You don't need to spend weeks or months to learn and master any new, difficult, boring or complicated methods or techniques. And it is totally effortless. All you do is 

"Just lie down on your bed or sit comfortably in your chair, close your eyes, put on Brain Booster Mind Glasses and headphones, and push the play button on your CD player"

As you enjoy the special sequence of blinking lights, two voices telling two stories and mild music and sounds of nature, you are taken to another imagery world.

That's it. 

Allow me to explain a little about the two stories and Brain Booster Mind Glasses.

These two stories build empowering positive beliefs and overcoming negative limiting beliefs, which in turn make big, dramatic improvement in you possible.

These stories contain variety of powerful suggestions in such artful way that the suggestions remain in indirect terms and seemingly are simply part of the story, so they go unnoticed, and as a result, most of the empowering messages hidden within the stories bypass the conscious mind completely, entering the unconscious mind. This is the most powerful method of belief change because it really works and it is effortless too.

What Do You Feel When You Use the
Brain Booster Mind Glasses

When you put on the Mind Glasses and switch on the Mind Machine, you brain waves change and you begin to feel relaxed. Quickly. Without doing anything. It is automatic.

You experience a "light and sound show". For example, I see bright colors that change from red to yellow to orange and more, and these colors keep changing. You see figures, objects, shapes -- like a kaleidoscope.

It is like a powerful "dream-like" experience.

You relax deeply and may fall asleep. As you open your eyes and you notice that you feel a sense of deep relaxation and calm as if you've just had a long peaceful sleep and an inner bath. 

You may feel surprised at the amount of time passed. A 30 minute session can appear as just a few minutes or a 10 minute session can appear as hours long.

 Very simply, each time you use Super IQ 7, you enter the learning state and wake up a little bit of the genius inside you. 

Many users report, "This is the first time in my life that I have had such a powerful, relaxing, colorful experience. Thank you."

Here is what some users say about how they feel when using our mind machines:


  • "Great pleasure to express my enchanting colourful and dreamful experience of mind machine. As soon as I closed my eyes after wearing the mind glasses, my colourful and dreamful experience started. Something like kaleidoscope. Colourful shapes were continuously changing. When the program was over, I felt fully relaxed and tension free. Just like fresh after a long sleep."

- Ashok Davada, Hypnotist, Journalist, Thane, Maharastra

  • "It is a dream-like state. I felt relaxed with some unexplainable figures coming in front of my eyes (some can be described as concentric circles, squares, ill-defined lines). I also felt some colour changes - red, orange and then figures were colourless."

- Dr Anju Banthiya, MBBS, Bhopal

  • "I can now see and enjoy colours more clearly. When using the mind machine, I remembered old memories. I felt sound sleep. I got peace of mind and felt free."

- C N Ghadiali, Product Designer, Ahmedabad

  • "I saw red, white and slightly green colours. I saw dots, in square wave forms. Colours and shapes kept changing. This was first such experience in my life"

- Dinesh Kumar, B E, Varanasi, U.P.

  • "I found things amazing. I felt like I am travelling in a train having steam engine and passing through the village area having farms on both sides and small villages at some distances. I was really zapped that music/mind machine could do such a great effect."

- A. K. Jha, BTech (IIT), Area Service Manager, Zenith Computer Ltd

  • "It gives deep breathing, a certain freshness. Nervousness tends to reduce. I get the feeling of contentment. The colours I see are usually red, yellow, a mixture of red and yellow. Sometimes greenish and bluish colours also appear."

-A Chintamunnee, Curepipe, Mauritius

How Super IQ 7 Helps You
Memorize Vocab 3 to 7 Times

Super IQ 7 uses "accelerated learning" and "whole brain learning and memory" mind technologies. The combined effect of these with "enter the learning state" is that you memorize vocab 3 to 7 times faster in a relaxed way without going through wordlists dozens of times.

There's a world-wide explosion of advanced techniques for accelerated learning, supercharged remembering, and peak mental performance. The publication of the book Superlearning by Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder made superlearning or accelerated learning techniques popular. These help you use your whole brain (both left brain and right brain) for faster learning and better memory.

The Vocab-Builder Mind Machine uses advanced accelerated learning techniques along with other mind technologies to enable users to effortlessly memorize words 3 to 7 times faster.

I was member of the SALT (Society of Accelerated Learning and Teaching, USA) that is working hard to bring the benefits of accelerated learning to schools in USA. Many programs for schools have been supported by the American federal or state governments. (It is really unfortunate that in India, NCERT, good private schools and other important institutions are not open-minded enough to bring these revolutionary discoveries from around the world to our schools and colleges. My hope is that the situation will change in the next 10 years as India gets richer and parents start learning about these advances on the Internet and start demanding the same from good private schools)

For example, the Washington State Department of Health and Social Services reported that by using Superlearning techniques, Indochinese refugees learned English five times faster. At Iowa State University students learned Spanish seven times faster. And from Australia's Woden TAFE College, John Wade revealed, "I have used the Superlearning technology with adult migrants learning English. The results from controlled experiment ... show that long term memory retention increased sixfold."

Unlike OLD Methods and
Unlike Mind Machines from Abroad, 
Super IQ 7 is Totally Different and Unique

Super IQ 7 is totally different and unique in several ways:

  • Super IQ 7 vs. Other Mind Machines from USA and
    How Super IQ 7 is Like iPod of Mind Machines

Mind Machines have been available in USA for over 40 years now. Their user interfaces were inspired by design of the computer. So, they offered dozens of options, which would have been useful for researchers doing PhD, but not for general users.

Just like, before iPod, the MP3 players that used to have many features that made them hard to use. Finally, Steve Jobs of Apple came up with simplified useable iPod design and so many more people started enjoying such portable music devices.

The design of our Super IQ 7 was inspired by iPod.

Super IQ 7 does not give you 50 options for various brainwave frequencies and time durations because we did the research to find out what are the best options for students whose main goal is to learn faster and remember better and in a relaxed way. So, I programmed those options into the CDs and so the student can benefit from the best options without wasting time experimenting with dozens of confusing choices.

We expect many US companies to see the wisdom of the design of Super IQ 7 and try to simplify their mind machines to make them easier to use rather than too cumbersome and difficult-to-use.

  • Memorizing With Wordlist vs. Super IQ 7

Only a very small number of students are capable of memorizing by revising wordlists only a few times. To memorize, most students will have to revise wordlists dozens of times, and almost nobody has so much time available.

On the other hand, Super IQ 7  is an ideal way to master vocab to get ahead of others for success in CAT because it allows you to memorize 3 to 7 times faster in relaxed and effortless way.

  • Super IQ 7 vs. Good Coaching Institutes

Good Coaching Institutes gives you wordlists and you are supposed to memorize them. Then, coaching institutes also give you mock tests, so you can find out how well you remember the wordlists. Unfortunately, they are not mind power experts and just don't have a way to help you memorize over 4,000 words quickly and easily.

Super IQ 7, on the other hand, not only gives you really good vocab lists with meanings and easy to remember sentence fragments for most words, but also puts those words into your mind, so you can memorize 3 to 7 times faster in a relaxed and effortless way.

  • Super IQ 7 vs. Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music

Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music is for playing on normal CD/cassette players. You can play it in car also. Though it is relaxing and enjoyable, it does not put you to sleep. It can be used 24 hours a day.

On the other hand, most people fall asleep within 7-8 minutes of using Super IQ 7. So, you cannot use it in car, bus or train. Super IQ 7 uses many more mind technologies and is more powerful than Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music. Mind Machine is for use only when you are studying or going to sleep.

"Helping Good Students Become Great"

What an IIT Chennai Educated
Engineer from Bangalore Says ...

Vinod Kumar,
Software Engineer, Bangalore

Hi Raj,

The Mind Machine is a wonderful motivator. I got it on Friday. When I first used the cassette "enter the active learning state", I felt that I went into a relaxed state that I usually get when I meditate for 20 mins. The cassette produces a meditation state without any effort from my side. It is magical. After the first usage the learning effect was there for more than 2 hours. After that I slept for the day. During those 2 hours I completed one book "Quantum Mechanics 1: The Breakthrough" by G.Venkatraman. During these learning period I did not feel taking 5 min break that "Daily routine technique" recommends. During the weekend I finished 3 books. A novel by John Grisham "Street Lawyer" and "A short history of nearly every Bill Bryson". Reading is fun with #2 and #3 cassette.

To enter the learning state put #1, To read put #2 or #3, To enter energizing state put #6. Whenever I want to change my state I put corresponding cassette. It is amazing invention. I also use #4 and #5 just for experience. ...

I can't wait to complete my first one month with the machine and meet the genius in me. I guess I already have had a glimpse of my side.

Mind Machine is priced very low for all the amazing results I have already got. It is precious. And I won't return to you even if you ask for double the price. ;-)

I go to Kung-Fu class thrice weekly. After cycling (6+6 km) one hour to and fro and Kung-Fu drill I get exhausted and my energy level used to go down. But, nowadays I feel always energized. My days go wonderfully well with full of energy and electricity. Thanks to #1 and #6 cass. ...

I have so much energy nowadays that I started to teach myself piano, Quantum Mechanics, General Relativity, IAS materials, Kung-Fu. Any new subject does not bother me or frighten me. The machine makes understanding of technical concepts a child's play.

I guess you remember me. I wrote to you couple of weeks back. I bought your Study Techniques and Memory and Concentration Cassette when I was in my 9th std. Then I used your Phy, Math and Che for IIT-JEE. I got B.TECH Electrical From IIT Madras. Did my ME in Telecom from IISC, Bangalore and now I am working in Tejas Networks, Bangalore as an R&D engineer. My future plan is give a knock-out punch to Civil Service Exam in 2 years.

I always wanted to do lot of things... I 'll do them now!

Thanking you for your wonderful gift,



Vinod Kumar

Residence : M A S K E D, 2 nd cross, Thayappa Garden, (opp. Viswa Sai Nursing College), Bilekahalli, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560076.

Office : Tejas Networks, M A S K E D main, JP Nagar 3 rd Phase, Bangalore 560078.

Here is What Experts and Students are Saying about the Mind Machine ...

Here is What a PG Medical Student Says ...

pawan_mittal2.jpgDear Raj Bapna Sir

Wish you a prosperous and Very happy Diwali. may god give you power to invent such wonderful things to help students in learning...

I had my exam of pre pg entrance so there happened delay in this reply...

The effect mind machine super iq had on me was noticeable by mother and brothers and whoever met me during this Diwali. My behaviour has improved and i feel calm and relaxed the whole day whatever i am doing. I can maintain myself in learning state for longer.

Whenever I get disturbed I use the cassette#1 and #7 get relaxed or I simply listen to cassete#2. Exam mastery is my favourite cassette. For exam mastery I can accept challenge that if it doesn't have effect within 30 seconds or 120 seconds for stubborn, I am ready to return the double the amount of money myself personally.

Hearing this two of my friends in Delhi (Mohit Jama, Sachin Arora) agreed to buy c14.

Thank you for such a wonderful invention.

Yours sincere student

Dr Pawan MIttal

"Wakes You Up and Energizes You in 3 to 7 Minutes ..."

"... program called AWAKE AND ENERGIZE wakes you up and energizes you in 3 to 7 minutes... poised to be a leader in mind machines world wide for students and executives."

-- Civil Services Chronicle monthly magazine 

"Improving concentration during study..."

Dear Raj sir,

I am your new customer of mind machine super I Q ... after using this I am improving concentration during study. I am listening cassette' enter the learning state' & others. These are marvellous.

It is truly amazing.

I listen the cassette 'enter the active learning state' when I go to sleep this give me deep sleep this is my first experience in my life. thank you very much ... I studying hard. I [am] enjoying it due to your mind machine...

Yours sincerely,

-- Aditya Kaushal Ranjan
B.Tech(1st year), Computer Science.
ICFAI TECH, Hyderabad

"Used for 21 days ... my concentration has improved a lot"

"I have used it for 21 days and I am completely satisfied... my sleep cycle has changed, my concentration has improved a lot, my behavior has changed, and most of all I feel very relaxed when I use the machine... Thank you ..."

-- Sandeep Kishore,  Chittoor (AP)

Thousands of Students are Getting
Many Benefits of Different Types
from Our Mind Machine Technology ...

"Selected for MBBS ...I am [grateful] to you, my teachers and my parents and to your mind machine..."

This to inform you that because of your help I was able to be selected for MBBS first year course as well pass class XII with 83%. I am [grateful] to you, my teachers and my parents and to your mind machine. It instilled in me confidence which I was previously lacking. Though I was not able to get desired colleges but I would try to get better college for post graduate course for that I need your help... Yours truly

-- Anand Gupta, MBBS Student
Agra (UP)

"My memory has increased ..."

"... your machine is doing an amazing job. Almost magically, not only my memory has increased but it incurred [improved] several other qualities like greater reflex, smoother fluency in English etc."

-- Subhashis Bhadra, Kolkata (WB)

"I got 90% marks in my sessional exam. Earlier it was only 70% ... Now my further plan is to GATE and GRE... I am very grateful to you. God bless you ..."

Respected sir,

I am Siddharth U. Dixit from Ghaziabad. I want to tell you some of my good experience with mind machine. In earlier days of my college when I was not having mind machine, after returning from college I used to be so tired and I used to sleep for 1-2 hours and this lead to wastage of my time. Due to this I got less than expected marks in my college exams.

And do you know that I got 90% marks in my sessional exam. Earlier it was only 70%.

Now a days after coming from college I listen to cassette no. 6 and feel fresh and ready for my study. In this way I am completing my portion very fast. My friends say that you are genius and although you spend less time in study than us you score excellent marks.

Now I feel that I should study and study and study for every time and achieve everything in life that I want now a days I am also feeling confident. Cassette no. 2 helps me study without any break and I also remember everything.

Raj sir you have really created a good thing for us. I don't have words to express my happiness. My heart is giving lakhs of blessings to you.
Now my further plan is to GATE and GRE... I am very grateful to you. God bless you with all the treasures he possess and you always lead in life.

Yours sincerely,

-- Siddharth U. Dixit, Ghaziabad

"Improved my ability to recall and I do not feel exhausted even after working for 12 hrs in factory"

Dear sir,

I have seen your ad on CSR. Prompted me to visit your web site...
Claims made regarding mechanism of action of mind products was incompatible with my logic because I believe that there no medication available in the world which enhances the memory. Secondly memory of person develops up to age of 3 years beyond that persons memory can not be enhanced by any means... I thought that it could be placebo effect and nothing more than that.

Even then I decided to place the order because its cost was too low.
I got the mind machine. I am using the mind machine since last 15 days; using Enter the active learning state has improved my ability to recall and I do not feel exhausted even after working for 12 hrs in factory. Though I am still skeptical about its mechanism of action. But it is giving the results in line with claim made by you.

Many many thanks to you.

-- Ravindra Vinayak Upare
Indore (MP)

"Feeling less tired now a days and also feeling a lot active ... Become confident enough that I will answer GMAT in mid-December which I was procrastinating from last year ..."

Hi Raj ji,

I have started using the mind machine from last 4 days and the effects are tremendous. I am feeling less tired now a days and also feeling a lot active. Earlier I used to wake up at around 8.30 and rush to office. But now a days I wake up at 7.30 and I have also getting a very good sleep. While sleeping I am listening to the "Enter the Active learning state" cassette. I have also been listening to the first Vocab cassette and found it very helpful.

I have also become confident enough that I will answer GMAT in mid-December which I was procrastinating from last year.

Thank you very much for helping me do all this...

Thanks and Regards,

--Aditya (Adityanarayan M Vaidya),
Mapusa, Goa

"learning words and ... permanently retain in memory..."

"I am using your mind machine ... is very helpful in learning words and ... permanently retain in memory."

-- Bhupinder Singh Chahal, Rohtak (Haryana)

"Now I can understand every subject easily effortlessly and systematically in very relaxed manner. and I can recall anything very easily ..."

Hi Raj Bapna,

I purchased your Super IQ 2 AND MIND POWER STUDY TECHNIQUES last month.

About MIND POWER STUDY TECHNIQUES I want to tell you that it's the wonderful book with latest methods to study. and i now i am really good at my studies. Thanks for this book.

About Super IQ 2 This mind machine is really powerful and all the cass. are really SUPERB! and about each cass I want to tell as fellow:


Overall, it's powerful machine and it really changed me.
And now I can understand every subject easily effortlessly and systematically in very relaxed manner. and I can recall anything very easily


Lucknow (UP)

"You have done a great job by making them available to one and all. I sincerely thank your efforts ...increased my reading speed by 120% ..."

My name is Sudheer. I have recently ordered your products (Mind Power Techniques, Super IQ 2 and Kennedy Speed Reading). I'm a software engineer (Technical lead) in Hyderabad. So basically I'm a working professional and not a full time student. I leave home by 8 AM in the morning and back to home by 9-10 PM.

I have been impressed with your products and you have done a great job by making them available to one and all. I sincerely thank your efforts.
There is constant learning in my profession (as you know being in this field) and also I'm planning for some part time advanced courses in management.

Keeping this in mind I have purchased your products...

Your mind machine is great for relaxation. I have been listening "Enter learning " for 10 days now and it's really good. But I don't find enough time to use other cassettes (before, after, and during learning) because I may learn the subject in office too (most of the time).

... I said I have also purchased your Kennedy speed-reading course... I have started doing the exercises of this course ... I have increased my reading speed by 120% and it really feels great. I'm yet overcome the sub vocalization problem though, even after using a dummy word called da-rum...

Thanking you in anticipation."

-- Sudheer. K, Software Engineer,
Hyderabad (AP)

"Your machine will undoubtedly help us achieve and realise our dreams come true..."

Dear Mr. Raj Bapna,

It is nice that you have been in touch with me for a long period even though I bought your books in 1995 and I received your good books exactly on 02.03.1995 and again I received the new edition ordered by me on 09.05.2005.

Your efforts are excellent and I do pray god to give you moral support, strength and energy for your continuous research efforts.

Your books are really convincing ones and your marketing approach and excellent intentions had made me finally order for the machine which will definitely helpful to me in whatever good activity I engage in and also to my son and daughter. Yes, as parents we do wish our children to achieve the highest goals.

And your machine will undoubtedly help us achieve and realise our dreams come true...

Thanking you.

-- K. Ram Prasad
Parent (who himself benefited)

"My body sleeps and relaxes when my mind studies ..."

"How nice it is when my body sleeps and relaxes when my mind studies! Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions and Brain Wave Tonal Matrix based vocab system is the first in the whole world ... My heart [felt] thanks Bapna ji for your crown creation."

-- Prof Ashok Davda, Hypnotherapist,
Thane (MS)

"All limitations were dropped ..."

jj.jpg"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ... the  mind machine. I am using your mind machine for the last one month.

I have got enormous benefits. My learning spirit and state have changed. Last Saturday while I listened to your cassette #1 and slept, I felt as if I am flying in the sky. 3 or 4 times I felt as if I am flying like a bird.

During this experience I was happy and cheerful.... Then, I was feeling as if I became free from all bondage ... all limitations were dropped."

-J. L. Jain, Assistant Commissioner of Sales Tax,
Author of the book "How to Get Super Success"
Hypnotist and Psychologist

"... change in the state of the mind ... improvements in learning ... My brother-in-law also liked the whole thing and he is planning to order."

"The [program] 'Enter the active learning state' is really powerful. It relaxes me so much like I have never relaxed in the last few years. The alpha, theta, delta cassettes are also good. I can feel the change in the state of the mind. I have also noticed improvements in learning. My brother-in-law also liked the whole thing and he is planning to order."

-- Vivitsu Vashishth,
Greater Noida (UP)

"I never dreamt I would be able to relax so easily and effectively ..."

"I used your mind machine "Super IQ 2" for the first time yesterday. Let me tell you "IT WAS WONDERFUL !!!" The cassette no.1 about entering into the learning state was really effective and I never dreamt I would be able to relax so easily and effectively. I listened to the cassette #1 during the day and before going to sleep at night."

-- Arnab Das,
Kolkata (WB)

 The Single Biggest Vocab Problem
and Why the Coaching Institutes Fail

The single biggest problem with vocab is this: Though it is relatively easy to learn and memorize new words at home or in coaching classes, it is extremely difficult to remember them after a few weeks/months.

Why? Because it is the nature of our mind, which is simply not capable of remembering many uncommon and odd words just by reading word lists a few times and you know there is not a lot of time to revise many many many times.

Even the best coaching classes only give big word lists but fail to put 4,000 to 4,500 words in the long-term memory of your mind because they do not specialize in mind power and mind technologies.

     As you already know, Indian students tend to score high in Maths but low in English part. The main reason for low score in Verbal is not knowing the vocab well which makes it much harder to answer questions correctly. Most of us in India are not so good in English vocab even if we have studied in English schools.

WARNING: The Following Old Methods Do Not Help  Remember, Retain, and Recall Vocab for Exam

Our research has proven:

  • Buying many vocab books or dictionaries will not help
  • Working hard without working smart will not work
  • Joining coaching classes will not put words in your mind
    (coaching is almost necessary, but NOT sufficient for success)
  • Just learning prefixes, suffixes, root will not solve the problem
  • Trying to memorize complete usage sentences from books will not help
  • Trying to memorize on mobile phones via SMS will not fully work
  • Trying to memorize whole dictionary will surely fail
  • Less than 100% focused effort on your part will not work

The above OLD METHODS give you a feeling that you can remember with some hard work, but in reality you soon forget most words or their meanings in a few days / weeks.

Why do these methods fail?

Because they are slow, boring, and time consuming, requiring you to revise again and again many many times, but there is not enough time and too much to study before the exams.

Super IQ 7 is world's ONLY Mind Machine designed for Exam Success to help students and now you too can memorize English words effortlessly for your success.

Here is What All You Get in
Super IQ 7 Vocab Builder
(Vocab-Gold Package)

The complete Vocab-Gold package including bonuses consists of:

  • Super IQ 7 Mind Machine
  • Brain Booster Mind Glasses
  • Headphone
  • 12 Pencil Cells (Batteries)
  • Stereo-to-stereo cable
  • Step-by-step User Guide
  • 2 Beautifully spiral-bound Vocabulary Books with all words
  • Total 5,871 words.
  • Total 33 Mind Machine CDs (29 Vocab CDs, 4 Subconscious programming CDs)
  • Note: You need your own CD player, DVD player, PC or a Notebook computer


Super IQ 7 Mind Machine with
CD and Brain Booster Mind Glasses

33 Mind Machine CDs
and CD Pouch


2 beautiful spiral-bound
vocab books


Nicely packed in thermocol
for safe delivery

Packed in a beautiful box

You get a total of 33 Mind Machine CDs

29 Vocab CDs (Vocab #101 to Vocab #129) plus
4 Subconscious Programming CDs (#100 and #130)

Each Mind Machine Vocab CD can be up to 70 minutes. All Mind Machine Vocab CDs together have 5,484 words.

Each Vocab CD has 3 parts:

  1. Enter the Learning State for English Vocab (7 min)
    Initial "Enter the Learning State for English Vocab" about 8 minutes. It helps your body and mind to relax and enter the learning state specifically to memorize English words quickly and easily.

  2. Learn, Revise, Memorize up to 200 Words (up to 60 min)
    Up to 60 minutes of up to about 200 words in Indian pronunciation, with influence of both British and American accents. About half the words are in male voice and half in female voice. For all words, you hear meanings, and for up to 90% words, you also hear sentence fragments that have been very carefully chosen for easy memorization. Both US and British spellings are shown in the printed book that you get.

  3. Awake and Energize (3 min)
    Ending with 3 minutes of "Awake and Energize", so at the end of each CD, you can get up, stretch yourself, take brief relaxing break, and be ready for the next task.

  4. Subconscious Programming 1: Entering Learning State Specifically to Memorize English Words (30 min)
    Subconscious Programming 2: Entering Learning State Specifically to Memorize English Words (30 min)
         With DAPS. These programs help your body and mind learn to enter the learning state easily, so learning is easy.  Out of the total time, 13 min has DAPS (voice offering gentle suggestions for making dramatic improvements in your learning) and the remaining time has soft music, river, birds, and mind technology sounds.
         They help your body and mind learn to enter the learning state specifically to memorize English words easily.

"Its Safe ... There are No Side Effects"

Are you thinking, "I would really like to use the Mind Machine because it is so powerful, but is it safe for me? Are there any long term or short term side effects?" These are perfectly valid and important questions to ask.

As used worldwide, mind machines are known to be safe except for the warning below.

Here are the ways to look at the issue of safety:

  1. Only after it was proven safe and beneficial in 7 years of research including work by Ph D scholars, the head of department at MLS University has strongly recommended it for students and others.
  2. The Mind Machine changes your brainwaves just like in meditation, but quickly, and just like in the case of meditation, it is safe.
  3. The DAPS technology uses stories with artfully embedded positive empowering messages. Mothers and grandmothers have been telling positive stories to children since the beginning of mankind and of course, such stories offer only positive beneficial effects and no negative side effects.
  4. Around the world, an estimated 40 lakh people are using mind technology products and even in India, we estimate that over 1 lakh people are using mind technology (in the form of our Mind Power Music or our Mind Machines or imported products) since 1992. In fact, mind technologies are becoming so popular that they are getting incorporated into classical music CDs and others kinds of music around the world for producing the effects of effortless relaxation.
  5. The Brain Booster Mind Glasses has small light bulbs (called LEDs) that blink over closed eyes. In India, Sun yogis are known to focus on rising Sun. In India, we also have a form of Tratak meditation in which we stare at the flickering light of candle. There are many Mind Machines with light/sound available around the world because they have become popular and in some countries are called "psychowalkman".

"Important Warning"

The mind machines are powerful and serious tools for altering brain waves and learning. So, persons undergoing psychiatric or psychological treatment should use the machines only under medical supervision and not otherwise. The mind machines are for educational purposes only and no medical claims are being made or implied.


Before you even think of ordering it, I want you to know

One Weakness of Super IQ 7

The weakness is this: Super IQ 7 Mind Machine is a portable equipment and runs on 3 pencil cells (batteries) and these pencil cells cost money. You may get only 15 or 20 hours of play depending on the quality of pencil cells. This means that the cost could run as high as Rs 1 to Rs 2 per hour. However, you can buy rechargeable batteries/cells and that can work out to be Paise 20 to 40 Paise per hour of usage. You get 12 pencil batteries with your parcel and should last for 1 to 2 months.


The Secret of How the Mind Machine Really Works

 And, are you curious about

"What Mind Technologies are Used in Super IQ 7"

 Even if I wanted to revel all the secrets of how we developed Super IQ 7 over 4 years and 7 months, there is not enough space in this letter. (We had originally planned in 2003 to spend only 2 years to develop this advanced mind machine, but because of our attempt to do the very best possible, it took us 4 years and 7 months)

Fortunately, you don't have to know or understand any of the mind technologies to benefit greatly. However, to give you an idea, here are 2 key mind technologies:

  • Brainwave Sync Tonal MatrixTM
  • Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions (DAPSTM)

 These and other mind technologies used on the Super IQ 7 produce remarkable results for you quickly.

"When you use the Super IQ 7, expect
to feel for yourself great results in as little as 7 minutes"

  What's more you don't have to wait for weeks or months to notice the benefits. Most people feel the benefits on the first day in the first 7 minutes. Almost all people notice benefits within one week. You can expect to quickly notice and feel for yourself all the benefits of the learning state and waking up a little genius inside you.

"Get double the benefits and results from
your hard work and your investment in coaching"

 Many students spend between Rs 5,000 to Rs 80,000 or more for various coaching programs and they also work hard. When you use the Super IQ 7, you soon realize it doubles the benefits from coaching and hard work for greater success for you. 

How these Mind Technologies Work

Before we can discuss these two mind technologies, let me first explain

What are Brain Waves

When you drop a small stone in water, you see waves. Similarly our heart and our brain have wave patterns. The wave pattern of the heart is measured by ECG (electro cardiograph). The brain waves are measured by EEG (electro encephalograph). brainwaves.jpg

The brain waves also have peaks that are similar to the peaks we see in water waves. The number of times the peak appears in one second is called "cycles per second". For example, the electricity in India is of 50 cycles per second.

There are 4 types of brain waves as shown below.


4 Types of Brainwaves

Beta 13 to 25 cycles per second This brain wave indicates that your conscious mind is in control. It indicates a mental state of logical thought, analysis, and action. You are alert and awake talking, speaking, doing, solving problems, etc.
Alpha 8 to 12 cycles per second This brain wave indicates relaxation and meditation. It is a state of relaxed alertness good for inspiration, learning facts fast
Theta 4 to 8 cycles per second Deep meditation. This is associated with life-like imagination. This is best for suggestibility and inspiration. This brain wave is dominant in children of age 2 to 5.
Delta 0.5 to 4 cycles per second Deep dreamless sleep. Deep relaxation, healing


How It Changes Brainwaves

Brainwave Entrainment and
Brainwave Sync Tonal MatrixTM

If you play sound of 500 Hz (cycles per second) in one ear and 510 Hz in the other ear, your brain "hears" the sound of frequency that is the difference of the two frequencies, i.e., 510-500 = 10 Hz. This sound is called binaural beat and it does not actually exist in the environment around us, but it is only in the mind. Students who study Physics know it is similar to "resonance".

When this happens, researchers are able to measure increased levels of bilateral synchronized brain wave activity at the frequency of the binaural beat.

A scientist in USA named Robert Monroe found in 1960's that part of the brain, called the olivary nucleus, begins to resonate with the binaural beat. This phenomena is called brainwave entrainment. The olivary nucleus sends signals upward into the cerebral cortex that mix with the existing brain wave patterns to produce noticeable changes. Monroe finally found that with certain frequencies, he could produce a unique and coherent brain state called hemispheric synchronization.

These binaural beats are used to help/teach people to achieve alpha or theta states of calm attention in which it is easier to learn, meditate or relax.

Brainwave Sync Tonal Matrix, the mind technology developed by us and used in our mind machines, uses binaural beats technology, but it is far more complex and advanced than just using 500Hz and 510 Hz for the two ears. It is based on years of experiment, research and development to discover what combinations work best for focus/ concentration, for memory/learning, for relaxation, etc.

 We use all four types of brainwaves Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta in the best possible way for various mind machine programs.

How It Changes Beliefs and Behaviors

 Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions (DAPSTM)

Let me now tell you about another technology called DAPSTM (Dual Auto Peripheral Suggestions). It uses two separate stories, one for each ear. Here is how the great writer Michael Hutchison in his now classic book "Mega Brain" wrote about using two stories method. (By the way, I met Michael in California in 1991 and purchased my first mind machine from him for US $329.)

michael_hutchison.jpg"I first heard it in a float tank, where, having donned stereo headphones, I heard calm voices against a background of stately, soaring synthesizer music, gently guiding me into a deeply relaxed state. Then the soundtrack divided and I heard a separate voice in each ear, each voice narrating a completely different fairy-tale--charming stories of wizards, magic cities, intergalactic zoos, and mystic shoemakers. "This simultaneous input overloads the conscious mind," says Glauberman, "because there is simply too much information to process consciously." Unable to focus on either story, I found, your conscious mind tends to let go or turn off. When the half-hour session was over I seemed to awaken (though I knew I hadn't been asleep), feeling like I had had a delightful experience, though I couldn't quite remember just what the experience had been."

You hear a different story in each ear in my voice that makes artful use of language, neuro linguistic programming, Ericksonian techniques to immediately produce measurable relaxation in you while building positive, powerful, empowering beliefs that produce dramatic breakthrough results for you. I load the tales with variety of powerful suggestions that are best for students, in such artful way that the suggestions remain in indirect terms and seemingly are simply part of the story, so they go unnoticed. And, because the conscious mind can at best focus on one story at a time, it usually gives up and stops paying conscious attention, and as a result, most of the stories and the empowering messages hidden within them bypass the conscious mind completely, entering the unconscious mind. This is the most powerful method of belief change because it really works and it is effortless on the part of the listener.

How Mind Machine Changes Beliefs and Behaviors: Subliminal Messages

It means that there are messages which are hidden from your conscious mind, which cannot be heard, it does not interfere with these messages. But, your sub-conscious mind can hear these messages and accept them for the desired changes.

Recently I conducted a workshop for experts and owners of colleges at the Hotel Hyatt Regency in Mumbai, where the fee to attend was Rs 19,000 per person to hear me for 2 days, and one of the participants was Prof Ashok Davda of Thane. Initially, Prof Davda, like many others who first hear of subliminal messages, was skeptical of our Mind Power Music technology and did not believe that such a thing could work. But being a professional hypnotist, he decided to check us out.

Prof DavdaHe simply ordered some of our Dr Anil Bapna's Mind Power Music cassettes, and then what he did is really creative and remarkable. He hypnotized one of his students and played our cassette.

In the cassette, what we all hear is sounds of birds, sounds of water/river and very relaxing special music, but no words. But what Prof Davda did was to ask his hypnotized student, "What words do you hear?" And to Prof Davda's utter amazement, the student heard positive empowering messages and spoke out what he heard.

Being scientific by nature, what Prof Davda did next is also surprising. He noted down the words (messages) heard by the hypnotized student, and then traveled to Udaipur from Thane. And then he asked us, "What are the exact messages on this cassette?" We showed him the list messages. And to Prof Davda's total surprise, our list of messages matched with the student's list. And, that is how Prof Davda became our great friend.

"4 Famous Customers of Our Mind Machines in the Past 13 Years"

Our mind machines are first and foremost designed to be greatly beneficial for students and as a result, a huge number of students use our mind machines.

We have many customers who are not students and here are 4 of our famous customers:

  • Department of Psychology, M L S University, Udaipur. Since 1998, Dr Vijaya Laxmi Chauhan, Ph.D, head of the department, has been guiding Ph.D students in use of our mind machines for various research topics. A certificate from her is given below on this webpage.

  • Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Devang Dattani, Ph.D Scientist (Artificial Intelligence), Business Entrepreneur who also takes Spiritual retreats / programs on all sects / religions. Many people all around the world have formed organization around him though he is not in favor of it. He has studied in topmost universities of USA. You can read his complete letter along with link to more information about him.

  • Padma Vibhushan Sri D R Mehta, IAS, former chief of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) where he instituted many progressive changes including computerized demat trading. He is the founder and chief patron of Bhagwan Mahavir Vikalang Sahayata Samiti, Jaipur, responsible for the success of Jaipur Foot. To fully understand the big magnitude of the achievement of Jaipur Foot, please read the book "Fortune At the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits by C K Prahalad", published by Wharton School Publishing, USA. To understand how Jaipur Foot helps the poorest of the poor, please visit (they have helped over 9,60,000 disabled persons in 32 years). Sri Mehta also guides Prakrit Bharati Academy, Jaipur.

  • Members of Parliament. In 1996, Mr Rajendra Sharma, Secretary, Bharatiya Janta Party in Parliament purchased our mind machine for the benefit of the party's MPs who were 116 in Rajya Sabha and 46 in Lok Sabha at that time.

Surprisingly, Many People Who are Not Students Also Use Mind Machine Because It Really Works

In addition to students, many other people from all walks of life also use our mind machines. These include Engineers, Doctors, Professors, Scientists, IAS, IPS, Allied Services, State Admin Service Officers, MBAs, CAs, Business Owners, other professionals, and even Members of Parliament and housewives.

Who is Raj Bapna and What Makes Him an Expert to Be Able to Help You

I won NTSE scholarship (NCERT) and got 5th rank in Raj High School Board. With BE at BITS Pilani and M Tech at IIT Kharagpur, I worked as Software Engineer at Intel Corporation in California USA and at several other companies and became author of best selling computer book "Tricks of MS-DOS Masters", published by McMillan, USA.

At the peak of success, I left USA and returned to India to help students and do good for our own country. Almost for 17 years now, I have been spending most of my time developing techniques and technologies to help students achieve more in less time and with more certainly.

Recently, for the first time ever, I took 2 day seminars for owners of engineering and MBA colleges in 5 star hotels (Oberoi Bangalore, Hyatt at Delhi and Mumbai) and these experts paid me Rs 19,000 each for the privilege to listen and learn from me.

"What Will It Mean for You and
Your Family When You
Get Admission to IIM Your Dream"

Take a minute and imagine in your mind - You worked smart and you worked hard. And, you have achieved success.

Imagine how you will get the news of your success? Who will be near and around you? What will they say? How good and how proud will you feel? What will you tell others about your success? How will you celebrate success? What sweets will your distribute to friends who come to congratulate you?

Consider two students: One gets MBA from IIM and the other does not get into IIM. The difference could be as much as Rs 7 lac or Rs 3 lac per year in starting salary that after 30 years of job could become as much as Rs 70 lac per year vs. Rs 30 lac per year, and so, in terms of income alone, the difference could be worth crores of rupees over life time.

I personally know students who fail and are forced to repeat the CAT exam. Their waste in terms of time and cost includes:

  • Money spent during the year (living expenses Rs 30,000 to Rs 60,000 or higher)
  • Money not earned because of joining IIM one year late or NEVER getting success to join IIM (Multiple of Rs 5,00,000 - over five lakhs)
  • Repeating and again paying exam fees, travel, etc (Rs 5,000 to Rs 20,000)
  • Paying fees for coaching again (Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000)

That is not all.

There are things more important that money: for your whole life, as an IIM graduate, you are likely to get faster promotions and more responsibilities, which mean more job satisfaction, more prestige and your bright future. Avoid suffering the humiliation of failure facing relatives and friends.

I do not know whether or not you are interested in using private planes, eating in finest restaurants, staying in 5-star hotels, or helping the poor?

Fist think about what you want your success to give you:

  • Greatness?
  • Prestige in society?
  • Respect of friends and relatives?
  • Pride for parents?
  • Happiness? Power?
  • Self-confidence?
  • Freedom to do what you want?
  • A lot of money?

And because so much is at stake here and because the cost of failure is so huge, is it worth to make sacrifices such as to skip some some parties and some movies? Is it worth to try your very best? Is it worth to work not only hard but smart? To use the best tools and coaching available? To make your success the biggest gift to your family and to yourself?

You decide.

If the Vocab-Builder Mind Machine can make a difference between getting into IIM or an ordinary MBA college, how much do you think it should be worth to you?

Special Discount Offer
(Limited Time Test-Marketing)

The Super IQ 7 (Vocab-Gold package) consists of:

  • Super IQ 7 Mind Machine including Headphone, 12 Pencil Cells (Batteries), Cable, Brain Booster Mind Glasses.

  • Beautifully spiral-bound Vocabulary Books in 2 volumes with all words, meanings, and memorable usage (the same words as on CDs)

  • Total 33 Mind Machine CDs

  • Step-by-Step User Guide

  • Price Rs 10,639. Discount Price (save Rs 2,274 or 21.37%): Rs 8,375

  • 3 Year Warranty (1 month free replacement/repair; after 1 month repair at Rs 300 including postage by Courier / Speed Post)

As you see, you don't have to pay Rs 10,639 because as part of a "Limited-Time Test Marketing" now, you get the Vocab-Gold Package for Rs 8,365.

4 Strict Terms and Conditions
You Must Meet to Get the Discount

The discount is offered because we need to get your feedback letter quickly and decide if we should advertise on TV (and set up distributor/seller network).

But, to get this offer, you have to meet these strict terms and conditions:

  1. You have to order soon within 2 weeks.
  2. And, you promise that you'll use the mind machine everyday for the first 30 days.
  3. And, you promise to send me a letter or email every week for the next 5 weeks telling how you are benefiting. I may want to use your letters on my web site or in ads and may request you to make yourself available for TV ads.
  4. And, for any reason, if you are not 100% satisfied within 7 days, please post the package by Speed Post, Registered Post or a good courier service for refund as per the guarantee.

That's all.

Wait, there is more ...

Now, during the special promotion, you get urgent delivery by Speed Post or Overnite Express or Blue Dart Express Courier Service (India's #1 courier service).  Value Rs 265.

7-Day 85%  Money Back Guarantee
on Stamp Paper


7-Day 85%  Money Back Guarantee On Stamp Paper Because the Mind Machine Really Works and You can "Feel the Results" Within the First 15 Minutes of Use

You can order the Mind Machine confidently and risk-free even if you are simply curious. Use it safely for 7 days and if for any reason you are not fully 100% satisfied, simply post the complete package in original or good packing by Speed Post on the 7th day, and on receiving the parcel (it may take more than 7 days and that is ok), we will send you a prompt and courteous refund DD (or At Par Cheque) of 85% of purchase price by Speed Post.

No questions asked. What could be more fair?


Note: You can print this if needed. This guarantee is valid for payments in Indian Rupees for delivery within India only. Due to Indian laws, no guarantee for foreign currency or foreign delivery. This stamp paper was prepared by Raj Bapna of Mind Machine Lab, Udaipur to offer iron-clad, no-questions asked money back guarantee as above.

Why only 85% money back and
not full 100%

Simply because I want to discourage those who are not really serious and committed to their own success.

I want to spend my time only with those who are willing to take some risk (you take only 15% risk; I take 85% risk that you benefit).

Full Assurance about Our Guarantee ...

Here is additional full assurance from India's top student magazines (including magazines from Government of India) : We have given famous guarantee for our mind power course since 1991 and our guarantee has appeared in the prestigious magazines such as Competition Success Review, General Knowledge Today, Science Reporter, Vigyan Pragati, Junior Science Refresher as well as magazines of Indian Banks Association, Chartered Accounts, Institution of Engineers, Company Secretaries, ICWA, etc.

Let me show you PROOF in 2 ways that this Money-Back Guarantee is genuine.

  • Our institutes accept payment by credit card. If we don't give prompt courteous refund to someone, he/she can complain to or who would immediately close our account (and we've used CCnow for the past 7 years)csr_s.jpg
  • Here is the address of the editor of India's most prestigious student magazine, "Competition Success Review". Please understand the editor is busy working hard to produce the best magazine, so don't write to ask any questions, but you can write if you have any problem with the guarantee/refund:

The Editor,
Ref: Mind Machine Lab Guarantee
Competition Success Review
 604 Prabhat Kiran, Rajendra Place
New Delhi - 110008

Everyone Doubts It Works ...
Until They Try It

One Question That Many Students Ask Before Ordering:
"Does the Mind Machine Really Work?"

Almost everybody asks: "I have visited your website and I understand how the mind machine works and how I can benefit and I want to order. But before I order I want to frankly ask you: Does the mind machine really work?"

Everyone has a little doubt.

Such thinking and skepticism are healthy and good in the modern world where it is hard to trust others, specially unknown people on websites.

If you were my friend or friend of my relatives/friends, then I would say, "Simply get it without hesitation or delay, and you'll thank me because of the benefits you get".

"Do you realize that ours are the only mind machine in the world that has been researched at a university (of Government of India) by so many Ph D students and after 7 years of research the Dept of Psychology gave a certificate recommending our mind technologies to students and others. You have seen the photos of EEG study and feedback from students and experts."

When my students use it, they immediately tell: "I was unsure and doubtful, but decided to take a chance. Thank you for the mind machine because it has really changed me".

Here is what a student says ...

Dear Sir

... I am using your Mind Machine ... Before ordering it ,I didn't believe it...

My mother who is a teacher had seen your advertisement in many magazines...She came and said me about it...Even I had come across your ads a number of times but I never took it to be something useful...How could one improve his memory by just listening to a cassette? I thought...

On her insistence I checked out your website... Then being a bit convinced I along with my mother persuaded my dad to order this...

And now after I have used it for about 3 months I am able to see the results myself...My reading speed has increased to a appreciable count... Though I haven't got any comments from anyone but I myself feel that now I have a better memory than before...

Thank You sir For this wonderful Machine...

Yours Student

-- Auroshis Das

"If it really works why everyone does not know about it?"

I reply, "Good question. The truth is that mind machines have been used in USA for over 30 years, but they are relatively new in India, so very few people in India use them or even know about them.

And, this fact is to your own advantage.

Do you realize that when everybody knows about something, it can no longer offer you a big advantage? For example, now because everybody knows that good coaching helps, only 1 to 3 of each 100 students taking coaching get success. Mind Machines can offer you a special advantage in getting success because very few people know about them.

Some students ask another question:

A few thoughts on what your decision today will mean for your career and life

How much will it cost you to repeat if you fail?

  • Tens of thousands of rupees to spend for the extra year
  • Miss out on salary and promotion for one year, which could be easily worth tens of lakhs of rupees

Are you willing to let other students use the power of mind machine while you continue to use traditional methods?

Even some of your classmate is using the mind machine, they may not tell you about it because they don't want you to get ahead of themselves.)

"I can't afford it. So, can you give it for Rs 2000"

A few students tell me this: "I can't afford it. I can only pay Rs 2000 or Rs 1500 or Rs 4000 (different students tell different prices)"

I reply, "I understand how you feel. But, can anyone expect to buy a car for the price of a scooter or a scooter for the price of a cycle? That really brings up a question and the question is: "Despite that problem, if the Mind Machine really delivers the results you want, is it worth it? Do you really want this enormously powerful, highest quality mind machine?"

"So, isn't this the real question: how to arrange for the payment? That is your challenge towards your success."


"Not for All Students"

Clearly, the mind machine is not of interest to all students. But, if you are ambitious enough to set goals of high percentile in the CAT exam and admission to IIMs and if you are willing to be disciplined enough, it is perfect for you.

"Don't Be Left Behind ..."

The popularity increased as each successful student told others (and they told others) to finally make mind machines more and more popular. Don't be left behind. Get the mind machine advantage now.
Mind Machines Sales Increasing Rapidly
(The above are sales at CCNow Online Outlet in US$)


"Only You Know ..."

You and only you know fully what you and your parents/family will gain if you get success and only you know what you and your parents/family will lose if you don't get success. So, it is up to only you to decide now to order today because the sooner you get it, the sooner you benefit.

Order now while you can still get the Vocab-Builder Mind Machine at the discounted rate only (once the distributor-dealers are appointed all over India with possible TV advertising, the price will be substantially higher.).

Do not delay. Do not wait.

"I Lost a Big Chance. But You ..."

I am asking you not to delay because I myself made this deadly mistake once. For my IIT entrance, I wanted to order the best postal course to get success. The cost was only Rs 350 and just like many students, I could pay the money. But I was not sure if the course would really give me success. After waiting for 3 months, I ordered it. The course was very good and it helped me to get rank 1102. But I did not get admission to Electronics Engineering in IIT and I joined BITS, Pilani.

I lost a big chance because I waited and did not order immediately. You should not lose any chance to achieve your dream success just by delaying to order. Order today without delay because time and opportunities wait for no one.

Order today because you deserve big success.

Think about this for a moment before you continue to read and order.


rajcol.gif signraj.gif






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This Fast Action Bonus not likely to be available for many days)

Order this week to get 1 extra CD
of Kennedy Speed Reading DAPS Program

Order this Super IQ 7 Mind Machine Package today and you'll get the Kennedy Speed Reading DAPS CD free:

  • Amazingly powerful CD for playing on your normal CD player and not on the Super IQ 7 Mind Machine.
  • This CD is different from the free CD (Kennedy 7-Minute Reading Accelerator) that comes with Kennedy book.
  • This CD sells for Rs 495 at Kennedy Speed Reading CD

 2 Ways to Ensure You Get

  1. Order by credit card or PayPal
  2. If you order by DD, MO, or deposit into our bank account, please send an email to reserve your "FAST ACTION BONUS" as soon as you decide to order
    (send email even before you send the money).

How Soon Will You
Get Your Mind Machine

We send your order fastest by Speed Post or Overnite Express or Blue Dart Express, which usually takes 1-4 days anywhere in India.

You May Track Your Order Online

  • Most Speed Post orders can be tracked at or

  • All Overnite Express or Blue Dart Express orders can be tracked at and also via SMS on your mobile phone

  • All Overnite Express orders can be tracked at and also via SMS on your mobile phone



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